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This is a one hour presentation that instructs on the basics of charting your cycle with the Creighton Model System. The $40 includes the needed supplies to begin tracking your cycles such as a users manual, a chart, and stamps.


There are eight follow-ups* in the first year of learning the system, and then every six months thereafter. These are structured to allow you to gain quick confidence in the system to ensure your success. Each follow-up lasts 60-90 minutes and goes over your observational routine with review and correction of your chart and instructions on system application based on your intention in using the system.

*Most couples charting for the purpose of achieving pregnancy require only five follow-up sessions.


Resupply of a 2 chart and stamps.


Always free
A personal video or phone call for you to hear about what the Creighton Model System can do for you in whatever life situation you are in. A great place to get your questions answered before committing to the program.


While we don't bill insurance we are happy to give you a receipt with the appropriate billing code for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursements. The two codes we use are: 

Z30.02 - Counseling and instruction in natural family planing to avoid pregnancy
Z31.61 - Procreative counseling and advice using natural family planning (typically used for those trying to achieve pregnancy)

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